Favorite game of all time?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Left 4 Epicness

Today I talk about what must be my favorite zombie game of all time right beside Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Left 4 Dead is the greatest zombie game to come out in years, there is no questioning that much if you have played it or the second game. It has everything from big guns to hoards of hungry zombies sprinting at you with every ounce of strength they have. It even has random easter eggs that reference the movies we all know and love. It's a game made by zombie lovers for true zombie lovers.

Right from the start of the game the world has pretty much ended. Everything is in a panic and you are just one of the few survivors that's trying to get out of the madness alive. No one knows where the infection came from and it has not been revealed through the game. You go from place to place running from the infected and the world as it pretty much all falls apart around you while you hope for finding somewhere safe.

The first one has enough blood to satisfy general zombie fans, but the true gore hounds like me will crave something more. This is where the second game swooped in and answered our prayers by adding in melee weapons with sharp edges that left huge gashes in zombies wherever we like them to be. The style of the second game felt much different because of this element and call me crazy, but it reminded me of Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green with how the melee weapons were done during the multiplayer mode. L4D2 was just a far more polished version of this idea that left us with no complaints other than the price tag.

I guess to sum up what I'm trying to say about this game. Go buy it and go play it until you beat it. When you do then set the difficulty higher and beat it again and again. It's well worth the investment and does not require all that much to play it at decent settings.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Walking Dead in Japan!!!

Sorry for being gone for so long. Life has been up and down but I am back and in a bigger zombie loving mood than ever! :)

Recently I was introduced to a new anime series that instantly caught my eye from just the title by itself even. It grabbed me and pulled me in violently only to sink its teeth in and turn me into a devoted fanboy to the show. I speak of Highschool Of The Dead.

It is based on the manga of the same title which has 6 volumes out so far and it is still being made as far as I know. The show has already been licensed in the US I hear so we may see it soon we can only hope.

Don't think of this as a lighthearted cartoon that just happens to have zombies in it along with heavy censorship. No, this is bloody, brutal, and there are a countless moments where you see ladies undergarments flashing. It even backs up every moment of flashing and terror with an equal amount of fast paced action to keep you on edge and wanting to see more and more.

I am trying really hard not to blurt out any of the storyline on here so you will either watch it or read it but I must tell you that it is well worth it if you either like anime or love zombies.

The zombies in HOTD are most similar to Romero zombies above anything else. The only differences being that they are blind so they travel by sound and that the infection travels much faster from person to person. It can infect a person and turn them into a zombie in anything from a few seconds to a few minutes as we see examples of both in just the first episode. Those differences aside they did play tribute to Romero zombies as well as many tributes to other popular movies you all probably know. My sister even pointed out to me that one of the songs near the end of the first episode is the song from 28 Days Later. So keep an eye out for it just for laughs.

Well I suggest you look up this show and watch it and buy the DVD once it comes to the US. It's well worth it from what I have seen.