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Monday, January 14, 2013

Life update of randomness

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted on here in forever. It's been surprisingly busy. On the list of whats new, I got married, got a job, started a game company, and built a new gaming rig to develop on. My wife and I have a beautiful little girl, and my wife enjoys zombies just as much as I do :P As far as zombies go I have been into the classics again for a while, and when I say classics I mean 1910 Frankenstein silent movie and 1932 White Zombie (Yes I consider Frankenstein's monster as a zombie by definition because he is something that was dead that is now brought back to life). Some of those older movies were very original and creative in trying out new things that even today seems new and unheard of by many. The "modern zombie" is fun, but is used in every form of media today without a trace of any inteligence or any origin other than a virus that leads to the munchies. I love modern zombies, but I love classics as well. The voodoo zombie in White Zombie was an amazing adaptation on screen of the methods practiced by real which doctors that involve poisoning and some brain damage. It shows an exaggerated view on something that really happens in some countries and it does so creatively, entertainingly, and it doesn't ever seem to drag on. Oh and here is a couple pics of the newly built rig :)